Monday, December 20, 2010


Bike Rally “Ride for Rights”

Date & Time:
30th November 2010, 11:00a.m

ICWO Head Office,
Anna Nagar West, Chennai

Supported by:
Rotary Club RI District 3230 / REACH

Organised by:
Indian Community Welfare Organisation - I.C.W.O.
Association for Rural Mass India - ARM


The first case of HIV positive was identified in 1986 at CMC, Vellore, and Tamil Nadu. This information was the first information about HIV/AIDS; there were no other information or very less information available to the public on HIV/AIDS. Soon, the Government Health Department produced materials that were made available to the general public. The pictorial representation was a skeletal skull showing a symbol of danger, which projected and promoted the fear concept on AIDS. This information was spread as an IEC material– Information, Education and Communication in the late 80s.

Way back in 1994, TANSACS was launched and many materials were developed by them in the field of prevention modes of STI / HIV / AIDS. In 1997 APAC initiated to bring Target Intervention to prevent the sexual mode of transmission among high-risk groups in Tamil Nadu. South Africa is a country which has experienced and has learnt from the consequences that the symbol of a skeletal skull has instilled only the fear concept about AIDS and no positive indicators of growth have been identified in the sphere of HIV / AIDS though APAC/TANSACS have produced more number of materials on STI / HIV / AIDS with specific focus on preventive messages.

  1. To draw attention towards human rights of PLHIV among youth and general public through Bike Rally in Chennai .
  2. To mobilize support for the protection of the rights in order to achieve universal access for treatment of people living with HIV by organsing Bike Rally.
  3. To build alliance with private sector and media to combat all forms of HIV related, stigma & discrimination.


Indian Community Welfare Organization is actively involved in innovative programs, organizing various campaign and replicable model in the field of STI/HIV/AIDS Prevention. ICWO’s previous innovative efforts were successful and appreciated through out the world.


The theme for World AIDS Day 2010 is “Ride for Rights” Keep the lights on HIV and human rights, a campaign to focus on HIV/AIDS, Human Rights & HIV- TB Co infection along with ARM- Association for Rural Mass. Global leaders have pledged to work towards HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and care, recognizing these as fundamental human rights. Valuable progress has been made in increasing access to HIV/AIDS services, yet greater commitment is needed around the world if the goal of universal access is to be achieved. Millions of people continue to be infected with HIV every year. In low and middle-income countries, less than half of those in need of antiretroviral therapy are receiving it, and too many do not have access to adequate care services.

The protection of human rights is fundamental to combating the global HIV and AIDS epidemic. Violations against human rights fuel the spread of HIV, putting marginalised groups, such as injecting drug users and sex workers, at a higher risk of HIV infection. By promoting individual human rights, new infections can be prevented and people who have HIV can live free from discrimination.

World AIDS Day provides an opportunity for all of us - individuals, communities and political leaders - to take action and ensure that human rights are protected and global targets for HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and care are met.


To observe World AIDS Day on 30th November 2010, Indian Community Welfare Organisation- ICWO with the support of Rotary Club and RI District 3230 organized a Bike rally titled “Ride for Rights’’ a bike Rally to focus on HIV/AIDS, Human Rights and HIV-TB Co – infection.

Men from the Metal Men Club of Chennai were on their bikes and carried messages along with volunteers to endorse the commitment from various stake holders to ensure “Ride for Rights” Keep the lights on HIV and human rights.

Dr.R.Venkata krishnan, Rotary District Chair Person, RI District 3230 AIDS awareness was the guest to flag Off and Dr.Nalini Krishnan, Director, REACH released the posters. The rally covered the areas starting from Annanagar West, Lucas, Retteri (Bye Pass), Mulloikadi, Vysarpadi, Perambur, Pursaiwalkam, Kellys,Annanagar Roundtana (Tower), Annanagar west, Koyembedu,Vadapalini, KK Nagar, Ashok Nagar, Jafherkhanpet, Guindy, Saidapet, Adyar, Tiruvamaiyur, Besant Nagar and ended in Chennai Marina Beach

During the inauguration, the Secretary of ICWO Mr.A.J.Hariharan quoted “it is high time to focus on HIV-TB co Infection. Intensive education on the risk of TB infection among PLHIV and earlier treatment and regular follow up in the completion of treatment is extremely difficult to control HIV-TB infection in Tamilnadu. It is equally important to focus on nutritional support for those who are undergoing the TB treatment ”

Sharing By Mr.A.Bakthavatchalam, Director, ARM.
As a co- organizer of World AIDS day 2010,we are not only creating awareness on HIV/AIDS but also increasing awareness among HIV/AIDS & TB Co-infection. 60% of people living with HIV are also infected with Tuberculosis. This “Ride for Rights” bike rally is one of the main sources in creating awareness about HIV/AIDS & HIV-TB co-infection. He wished for a very great success of this program by reaching out to a large number by this rally on World AIDS day 2010 and his wishes came true.

Speaking at the inauguration, Dr.Nalini Krishnan Director of REACH said, “TB is the major problem by itself and from the HIV/AIDS point of view; TB is the most common among the HIV infection. Recognizing the symptoms of TB and accessing TB treatment at the earliest is very important among the HIV infected person.”

And finally Dr.R.Venkata Krishnan Rotary District Chair Person, RI District 3230 AIDS awareness remarked that “Rotary Club has played a major role in wiping out Polio from the country. Now Rotary is equally committed in seeing that HIV/ AIDS spread is totally arrested by spreading awareness throughout the nook and corner of the country”

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